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Troubleshoot using a Remote Repository with an HTTP or HTTPS Proxy.

The following commands enable you to troubleshoot issues that might occur when using a remote repository with an HTTP or HTTPS proxy. To use a remote repository with an HTTP or HTTPS proxy, the proxy must be defined in the git system configuration.




Show all configurations

git config --list --system

If you see the error fatal: unable to read config file '/etc/gitconfig': No such file or directory, this means there is no git system configuration file.

Verify if there is a proxy defined in the git system configuration

git config --system --get-regexp "http.*"

Define a proxy and also create the git system configuration file, if needed

sudo git config --system http.proxy http://my-proxy-ip

sudo git config --system https.proxy http://my-proxy-ip

Disable the Cortex XSOAR git

 sudo mv /usr/local/demisto/git /usr/local/demisto/git_copy.

After verifying that the proxy is defined in the git system configuration, if there are still issues with the remote repository, confirm which git is used by Cortex XSOAR. Cortex XSOAR provides its own git, but can also use the operating system git. To force Cortex XSOAR to work with the operating system git, you must disable the Cortex XSOAR git

Confirm git version

 git version.

The git version must be at least 2.21.0.


If you no longer need a proxy for your remote repository, remove the proxy from the server configuration file.

sudo git config --system --unset http.proxy

sudo git config --system --unset https.proxy