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Multi-Tenant Guide

If you are working with Remote Repositories for Multi-Tenant Deployments, and want to use selective propagation to Add Propagation Labels to Content, you will need to use the following remote repository deployment setup, and follow the steps described in this task.

Required Remote Repository Deployment Setup

  1. In the development environment, ensure that propagation labels (selective propagation) are enabled.

    1. Go to SettingsAboutTroubleshooting.

    2. In the Server Configuration section, click +Add Server Configuration.

    3. Add the following server configurations and set their keys to true.



  2. In the development environment, Add Propagation Labels to Content as needed.

  3. In the development environment, make whatever content changes are needed, and then push content to the remote repository.

  4. In the production environment, pull content from the remote repository.

  5. In the production environment, confirm that the propagation labels were added to the content, and that the labels are available for use in SettingsAccount ManagementAccountsRoles and propagation.