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Multi-Tenant Guide

Reindex a tenant database in the Cortex XSOAR multi-tenant environment.

If an index is corrupted and the tenant service is not starting or if data is missing, you might need to reindex the database. Depending on the volume of data, it may take some time for the reindexing to complete. Follow these steps to reindex the entire database of a tenant.


Reindexing a tenant requires machine resources and might have a temporary impact on the performance of other tenants.

By default, audits are not reindexed. See Reindex the Audit Log for instructions.Reindex the Audit Log

  1. If the tenant is running, stop the tenant process:

    Go to SettingsACCOUNT MANAGMENTAccounts, select the tenant account, and click Stop.

  2. Backup the tenant index directory, located at: /var/lib/demisto/tenants/acc_ TENANT_NAME/data/demistoidx .

    The backup of the index directory should not be stored under /var/lib/demisto/tenants/acc_ TENANT_NAME.

  3. Delete the tenant index folder:

    sudo rm -rf /var/lib/demisto/tenants/acc_ TENANT_NAME/data/demistoidx

  4. Restart the tenant process:

    Go to SettingsACCOUNT MANAGEMENTAccounts, select the tenant account, and click Start.

    The host will automatically reindex the tenant account.

  5. Log in to your Cortex XSOAR tenant instance and verify that the reindex process was successful.

    All of your data should appear, for example, incidents, playbooks, automations, and so on. If there are any issues, contact the Cortex XSOAR support team.