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Cortex XSOAR Multi-Tenant Guide

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Multi-Tenant Guide

Stop and start a tenant in a Cortex XSOAR multi-tenant deployment, through the API or the UI. Reindex a tenant.

The following provides instructions for stopping and starting specific tenants. A use case would be if you want to re-index a single tenant.

  • To stop or start a tenant using the API, use the following commands:

    • Stop: /account/stop/<acc_name>

    • Start: Use the Post command with the following body:

      	"name": "<acc_name>"

    To view the REST API documentation, select SettingsINTEGRATIONSAPI Keys View Cortex XSOAR API.

  • To start of stop a tenant in the UI:

    • Click the cogwheel next to the tenant.

    • To stop the tenant, click Stop.

    • To start the tenant, click Start.

    Additional arguments can be passed to the tenant via the CLI upon start. This allows you to reindex the entire database or a specific index database, or to run other processes.Reindex the Entire DatabaseReindex a Specific Index Database