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Troubleshoot a remote repository definition. Remote repository error messages in Cortex XSOAR.

The following instructions describe how to troubleshoot when defining a remote repository.

dial TCP Error Message

If a dial tcp...error message appears, when defining your remote repository and loading the list of repository branches, do the following:

  1. Contact your system administrator to enable connectivity. This may occur due to connectivity issues, such as a closed port or a proxy that is not enabling the connection.

Invalid HTTP/SSH URL Error

An Invalid SSH URL error label appears, when defining your remote repository and entering the Repository URL.

  1. Ensure the URL ends with `.git` such as `ssh://`.

Permission Denied Error

A permission denied error appears, when attempting to fetch the repository branches. This occurs because currently Cortex XSOAR supports only `RSA PRIVATE KEY`.

  1. Ensure you have set the correct passphrase and are using the correct key type.

  2. Navigate to the directory in which you saved the private key file.

  3. Open the private key file in a text editor and verify that the file begins with -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----.

    If the file does not begin with this text, regenerate the private key and add the -m pem flag. For example: ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C "" -m pem

Internal Server Error

The internal server error. Something went wrong. error message appears, when attempting to fetch the repository branches.

  1. In the server log files, search for Host keyverification failed error message.

  2. Connect to the server by SSH.

  3. Run the following command:

    ssh-agent bash -c "ssh-add PATH/TO/PRIVATE/KEY; git clone GIT_SSH_URL"

    For example: ssh-agent bash -c "ssh-add ~/.ssh/my_id_rsa; git clone ssh://"

  4. Copy the file ~/.ssh/known_hosts to /var/lib/demisto/.