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Multi-Tenant Guide

You might want to delete a host if you have migrated the tenants to another host, or if you need to re-provision the host.


If you delete a host, all tenants on that host are also deleted. Move tenants to another host, if needed, before proceeding.

For High Availability deployments, to delete an entire High Availability group, stop and purge all hosts in the group before deleting the group in Cortex XSOAR.

  1. Stop the host:

    service demisto stop

  2. Purge the installation on the host machine:

    sudo ./ -- -purge

  3. In Cortex XSOAR, go to SettingsACCOUNT MANAGEMENTHosts.

  4. Select the host and click Delete.

  5. Enter the external host name to confirm deletion.