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Cortex XSOAR Threat Intel Management Guide

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Threat Intel Management Guide

After you have customized indicators and started ingesting indicators into Cortex XSOAR, you can create indicators, add indicators, extract indicators, export indicators, etc. If you have a TIM license you can use Threat Intel Reports and use the Unit 42 feature.

The Threat Intel page displays a table or summary view of all indicators, and enables you to perform several indicator actions. If you do not have a TIM license, the page is called Indicators.

You can perform the following actions on the Indicators page.



Create a new indicator

Manually create a new indicator in the system.

Create incident

Create an incident from the selected indicators and populate relevant incident fields with indicator data.


Edit a single indicator or select multiple indicators to perform a bulk edit.

Delete and Exclude

Delete and exclude one or more indicators from all indicator types or from a subset of indicator types.

If you select the Do not add to exclusion list checkbox, the selected indicators are only deleted.


Export the selected indicators to a CSV file. You can also Export an Indicator to CSV Using the UTF8-BOM Format.

Export (STIX)

Export the selected indicators to a STIX file.

Upload a STIX file

Upload a STIX file and add the indicators from the file to the system.

Indicator Query

You can search for indicators using any of the available search fields. This is a partial list of the available search fields.

You can use a wildcard query, which finds indicators containing terms that match the specified wildcard. For example, the * pattern matches any sequence of 0 or more characters, and ? matches any single character. For a regex query, use the following value: