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Add Cortex XSOAR license file, either through the UI or by saving the license file directly on the server.

There are two methods for saving the license file. You can perform either one of the following methods.

  • Upload the license file using the user interface.

    1. Save the license file you received.

    2. Go to SettingsAboutLicense.

    3. Click Upload license.

    4. (Optional) Refresh the browser.

    5. (Multi-Tenant) For multi-tenant environments, the server must be restarted in order to create tenants.

      sudo service demisto stop

      sudo service demisto start

    Alternative Method

    Save the license file on the server. This method requires you to restart the server after saving the file. The path for the license file varies according to your installation.

    • If you are using Elasticsearch as your database and did not upgrade from a previous version of Cortex XSOAR, the file is located in the lib directory. Default is /var/lib/demisto/demisto.lic.

    • If you are using Elasticsearch and upgraded from a previous version of Cortex XSOAR or you are not using Elasticsearch, the default location of the license file is /usr/local/demisto/demisto.lic.

    • For customers using a custom location, the path can be found in the license.file.path configuration key in the demisto configuration file. The default location of the configuration file is /etc/demisto.conf.

    For High Availability deployments, once Cortex XSOAR is running, synchronize the license by restarting the demisto service on the additional app servers.

    If using Live Backup, the production server and the backup server must have the same Cortex XSOAR license installed. After installing a new license on the production server, wait for the sync to complete to the backup server, and then restart the demisto service on the backup server.