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When adding application servers, update the engines to connect through the load balancer.

Engines deployed prior to the migration to Elasticsearch will remain connected to the newly migrated Cortex XSOAR application server.

When additional Cortex XSOAR application servers are deployed, and placed behind a load balancer, you need to update the engines to connect through the load balancer.

  1. Verify that the BaseURL and ExternalHostname server configurations have been updated on the servers to reference the load balancer url.

  2. Stop the engine service.

  3. Create a backup of the /usr/local/demisto/d1.conf file.

  4. Edit the /usr/local/demisto/d1.conf file on the engine.

    Set the first line in the EngineURLs section to point to the new load balancer URL.

    	"LogLevel": "info",
    	"LogFile": "d1.log",
    	"EngineURLs": [
  5. Start the engine service.

  6. Validate the engine is connected by going to SettingsEngines.