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Migrate Cortex XSOAR data to another server, move data, copy files and directories.

In certain cases you might need to move data between servers, for example, when a stronger production server is required.

  1. Install Cortex XSOAR on the new server.

    Do not start the Cortex XSOAR service when the installation finishes.

  2. Change the /var/lib/demisto directory to /var/lib/demisto.old.

    mv /var/lib/demisto /var/lib/demisto.old

  3. Copy the following files and directories from the old server to the new server.

    • /var/lib/demisto

      scp -r /var/lib/demisto <username@NewServerIPAddress>:</remote/directory>

    • cert.key and cert.pem under /usr/local/demisto

      scp cert.key <username@NewServerIPAddress>:</remote/directory>

      scp cert.pem <username@NewServerIPAddress>:</remote/directory>

      Where username is the user on the new server and NewServerIPAddress is the IP address of the new server. The /remote/directory is the path of the directory you want to copy the file to. If you do not specify a directory, the file will be copied to the user home directory.

    • /usr/local/demisto/demisto.lic

    Ensure that ownership of the directories and files are set to demisto:demisto

    chown -R demisto:demisto <file_path>

  4. Start the Cortex XSOAR service using the appropriate command for your OS and wait for the server to complete the indexing process.

    • systemctl start demisto

    • sudo service demisto start