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Save versions of your playbook as you are developing it.

You can save versions of a playbook as you are developing it. When you save a version of a playbook, add a meaningful comment so that you will be able to recognize the changes you made in that version at a later time. The version is saved with the name of the playbook, your commit message, an indication of what the change was (modify, insert, etc.), the date the playbook was saved, and the name of the author who last saved it. If necessary, you can access the playbook’s version history and revert your playbook to a previous version.

  1. From the Save Playbook dropdown list, click Save version for current Playbook.

  2. Enter a description of the change that was made to the current version.

  3. Click Update Playbook.

  4. To access a version of a playbook:

    1. Click Version history for all Playbooks.

    2. Search for the required playbook. The description that was entered when the version was saved should help you locate the version you now require.

    3. Click Restore to open the required version of the playbook.