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Cortex XSOAR Hosted Service Guide

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Hosted Service Guide

Cortex XSOAR currently utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the hosted service. Each customer has a dedicated instance on which workloads run on dedicated resources (compute, storage, network) according to advanced security standards (SOC2, ISO 27001).

You can designate a Cortex XSOAR region for the storage and processing of your data. Available AWS regions are: AWS-California, AWS-Oregon, AWS-Virginia, AWS-Ohio, AWS-Frankfurt, AWS-London, AWS-Sydney, AWS-Mumbai, AWS-Singapore, AWS-Tokyo, and AWS-Canada. Additional regions may be added in the future. If you require a region not listed above, please contact Palo Alto Networks Support.

Note that Palo Alto Networks reserves the right to host Cortex XSOAR in other cloud environments and will update this document if other cloud environments are used for Cortex XSOAR hosting.