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Cortex XSOAR Hosted Service Guide

Cortex XSOAR
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Hosted Service Guide

Palo Alto Networks is responsible for all service infrastructure required to run Cortex XSOAR in the public cloud, including:

  • Deployment and upgrades of the Cortex XSOAR application (customers can request upgrades via a support ticket).

  • Backups (retained for 7 days).

  • Security patches of the underlying operating system.

  • Vulnerability assessment and system hardening (operating system and Docker).

  • DDoS protection.

  • Restricting inbound network traffic upon the customer’s request.

You are responsible for managing the Cortex XSOAR application, including:

  • Provisioning users in Cortex XSOAR.

  • Designing and implementing your SOC processes in Cortex XSOAR.

  • Incident response and remediation.

  • Managing content (e.g., configuring integration instances, playbooks, etc.)