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These issues are fixed in the Cortex XSOAR v6.9 release.

  • When viewing an incident, if you viewed the Incident/Case Info tab, switched to a different tab, and then returned to the Incident/Case Info tab, the incident name no longer appeared in the tab header.

  • In the Incidents I own tab, the incidents were not listed in order by incident ID.

  • After creating a new playbook, the list of playbooks was missing in the TASK LIBRARY in the Playbooks tab.

  • In the incidents table, when scrolling was required to see all entries, the last item was cut off.

  • If an SLA was marked as complete at the exact moment it was due, the SLA displayed as late in the incident.

  • In some cases, the playbook tree view was missing.

  • The CLI autocomplete text was hidden behind the incident's Summary View.

  • After the Deployment Wizard changed the assigned playbook for a default incident, you could not revert to the default playbook.

  • In some cases, when entering answer choices into a Data Collection task single select question, entering a new choice also overwrote the previous choice.

  • When users changed their Display timezone in User Preferences, the change did not take effect.

  • After the Deployment Wizard completed with default values (default Malware incident type and default Malware playbook), the default incident type for Malware Investigation and Response was detached.

  • If you created a new incident grid field containing a single select field, and originally deselected the Use first as default option, and then wanted to later select that option, the change did not save successfully.

  • When the system time configuration was set to a date format other than System locale, the next run time for jobs did not display correctly.

  • In the Fetched Data section of the Incidents Incoming Mapping Editor, you could not click on a value in the JSON to copy the value.

  • (Multi-tenant) If the server failed to start due to a port collision caused by the host.communication.port being identical to the server's HTTPS port, the error message did not display the reason for the failure.