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The following new features are categorized by product component.

Deployment Wizard

When installing or updating content packs, the DEPLOYMENT WIZARD tab guides you step-by-step to adopt your use case (including Phishing and Malware), significantly reducing the setup time. The wizard guides you through:

  • Setting up a fetching integration

  • Setting up a playbook

  • Setting up any required supporting integrations

  • Enabling the fetching integration instance

Filter by Wizards to search for content packs that support the Deployment Wizard.

Case Management



Remove content on session timeout

Added the session.timeout.remove.content configuration. If enabled, content is removed from a computer screen and all unsaved data is lost, when a user is no longer logged in.

SAML 2.0 Configuration

You can now let administrators manually enter certain user information fields when configuring SAML 2.0, which persist if those fields are not provided by SAML third-party provider, by adding the following server configuration. Select SettingsABOUTTroubleshootingAdd Server Configuration:

Key: saml.stick.userfields

Value: true

For more information, see Authenticate Users with SAML 2.0.Authenticate Users with SAML 2.0




Add warning message regarding viewing comments in incidents

(Multi-Tenant) Added a warning message, when handling bulk incidents. This message informs analysts that any added comments will be presented to all customers and should not include customer specific incident details.

For example, if you select 10 incidents that are relevant for one customer, you may not want to share this with other customers.

Zoom level

When switching between playbooks, the user's zoom level is now preserved (in = more detail, out = larger view).

Hide Chart Panel

In the Incidents page, the Hide Chart Panel has been renamed to Hide Overview Dashboard.