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Apply specific settings to individual Docker images.

You can apply more specific fine tuned settings to Docker images, according to the Docker image name or the Docker image name including the image tag. To apply settings to a Docker image name, add the advanced configuration key to the engine configuration file.


If you apply Docker image specific settings, they will be used instead of the general python.pass.extra.keys setting. This overrides the general memory and CPU settings, as needed.

  1. Edit the Engine Configuration File.

  2. Add the following key to apply settings to a Docker image name.


    For example, "python.pass.extra.keys.demisto/dl". To apply settings to a Docker image name including the image tag, use "python.pass.extra.keys.<image_name>": "<image_tag>". For example, "python.pass.extra.keys.demisto/dl": "1.4".

    To set the Docker images demisto/dl(all tags) to use a higher max memory value of 2g and to remain with the recommended PIDs and ulimit, add the following to the configuration file:

    "python.pass.extra.keys.demisto/dl": "--memory=2g##--ulimit=no- file=1024:8192##--pids-limit=256"

  3. Save the changes.

  4. Restart the demisto service on the engine machine.

    sudo systemctl start d1

    (Ubuntu/DEB) sudo service d1 restart