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Use the built-in mail sender integration or set up a different mail integration for your Cortex XSOAR tenant.

A mail integration enables the tenant to send emails and can be used for system notifications and playbooks. When you use the mail integration for playbook tasks, you can pass arguments such as to, subject, body, etc. to customize the contents of your email.

Cortex XSOAR provides a built-in mail sender integration. It is installed out-of-the-box and does not require you to set up an SMTP server or provide any credentials. Emails sent via the built-in mail sender integration have a watermark that specifies the FQDN and mentions that the mail was sent via Cortex XSOAR. This provides protection against possible abuse of the built-in mail sender.

However, if you want to use a different email sender, you can configure one during your initial setup.

  1. Go to Marketplace.

  2. Search for and download a mail sender content pack (such as Microsoft Exchange On-Premise).

  3. Configure the mail sender integration (for example, EWS v2). When configuring your mail sender integration, select Enable to enable your mail sender integration and deselect the Enable option for the built-in mail sender.

  4. If you configure multiple email integrations, select the Do not use by default option in the integration instances that should not be used to send emails.