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Create a To-Do Task in the Case tab or Incident Tasks window in Cortex XSOAR. Assign a to-do task. Create a to-do task from the command line.

You can create To-Do tasks directly in the incident from either the Incident Info tab or the Incident Tasks window. You can also create To-Do Tasks using the command line.

  1. From the incident, click Side panels and then select Incident Tasks.

  2. In the INCIDENT TASKS window, click the To-Do Tasks tab.

    You can also add to-do tasks from the Incident Info tab if you have customized the incident to include to-do tasks.

  3. Click Add a task.

  4. Add the Task Details as required:



    Task Name

    A meaningful name for the task (mandatory).

    Task Description

    A meaningful description for the task that provides sufficient information for the assignee to complete the task.


    The user to assign to the task. You can only assign a single user per task.

    Set due date

    The due date for the task. If the task is not completed by this date, it is marked as overdue but is not a roadblock for the investigation.

    Tag the result with

    Tags to apply to the to-do task.

  5. Click Save.

    If you customized the incident, you can see the to-do tasks from the Incident Info tab.