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Cortex XSOAR Administrator Guide

Cortex XSOAR
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Administrator Guide

Install, manage, configure, and troubleshoot Cortex XSOAR engines.

Cortex XSOAR engines are installed in a remote network and allow communication between the remote network and the Cortex XSOAR tenant. You can run scripts and integration commands on an engine. It is possible to install a single engine or multiple engines.

You can install multiple engines on the same machine (Shell installation only) which is useful in a dev-prod environment where you do not want to have numerous engines in different environments, and to manage those machines.


You cannot share a multiple engine installation with a single engine installation.

Engine Installation and Configuration

You can Engine Installation on Linux and Windows machines. After installing the engine, you can configure and manage engines, including setting a web proxy, adding and removing engines, configuring the number of worker, etc.