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View and export integration logs in Cortex XSOAR. Integration logs record integration details in Cortex XSOAR for troubleshooting.

The integration log table displays log details sorted by date, including the following fields:

  • TIME STAMP - The date and time the integration created this log.

  • ENGINE NAME - The engine server name the integration is running on.

  • LOG LEVEL - The log level (Debug, Error, or Info).

  • BRAND - The integration name.

  • INSTANCE NAME - The integration instance name set in the integration instance settings.

  • BUNDLE ID - A unique identifier for logs generated from a specific integration execution. For example, a bundle ID is assigned for all logs generated from a specific integration command or fetch incidents.

  • MESSAGE - A text message indicating the integration status or error.

You can do the following:

  • View integration logs

    To view all integration logs, navigate to Settings & InfoSettingsIntegrationsIntegration Log.


    All Integration logs are located in the integration logs table in your Cortex XSOAR tenant. If you have an engine, verbose logs (including integration logs) are also stored in the log file on your engine machine.

  • Update the log table

    To update the log table, click the Refresh button.

  • Filter by field

    You can filter by log table column, such as log level, brand, or instance name, and you can save filters for later use. You can also adjust the width of the columns and add or remove columns.

  • Export logs

    To export the integration log as a .tsv file, click the Export to file button.