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Administrator Guide

Search Cortex XSOAR Marketplace and find content. Search by use cases, integrations, categories, etc.

In Marketplace you can manage content (such as install, delete, update, etc.) and can contribute and share content items, such as playbooks, integrations, and incident types.

You can browse all content (including installed content), view only installed content packs, or see the contributions that you created. When a content pack needs to be updated you receive notification and can view the updates in the Installed Content Packs tab.

By default, deprecated content items, such as integrations, scripts, and playbooks, are hidden. To display these deprecated content items, click the Show Deprecated Content checkbox in the upper right corner of the content pack's Details and Content pages.

When searching for content, you can use the search bar by adding text or by selecting filter criteria from the filter side menu.


You can also sort by update, ratings and best match, and filter according to the following criteria:

  • Use cases: Filter according to high level use cases, such as Phishing, Malware, Ransomware, access, etc.

  • Integrations: Filter according to the integration, which is included in the content pack.

  • Categories: Filter according to content pack categories, such as messaging, Forensics and Malware Analysis, etc.

  • Published by: Whether the content pack is published by Cortex XSOAR or Partners.

  • General:

    • Certified: Created and supported by a user and certified by Cortex XSOAR. Cortex XSOAR has tested the content to ensure that it meets standards and works correctly.

    • Uses my integrations: Content packs that use integrations that you have added instances for (whether or not they are enabled).

    • Supported: Supported by either Cortex XSOAR or a user who contributes to the content.


      If not supported, the user does not support or maintain the content pack. You need to ensure functionality and version compatibility.

  • Content Pack Includes: Filter according to the content of the content pack, such as Scripts, Integrations, Playbooks, etc.

  • Tags: Filter according to tags, such as Email, Cloud, etc.

    In addition, when viewing details of a pack, you can click a tag that is associated with the pack.


    The Marketplace search page then reappears with the selected tag applied as a filter. Only packs associated with the selected tag are shown.