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Cortex XSOAR Multi-Tenant Guide

Cortex XSOAR
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Multi-Tenant Guide

Learn how to activate Cortex XSOAR from the Cortex Gateway.

To set up Cortex XSOAR Multi-Tenant, you need to activate the main tenant in the Cortex Gateway.

The Cortex Gateway displays tenants Available for Activation and Available Tenants. From the Cortex Gateway, you can view and manage existing tenants and activate additional tenants. For more information, see Activate the Tenant.

After activating the main tenant, you can create child tenants according to your license. From the main tenant, you can see all incidents and indicators across all tenants, create integrations and scripts for use across multiple child tenants, run commands across multiple child tenants, etc.


To create a child tenant, ensure that you have Account Admin permissions.

Activating a main tenant is a one-time task you’ll need to perform before using Cortex XSOAR. After activation, you need to add child tenants for activation.

  1. To start the activation process, go to the activation link you received in an email and sign in to the Cortex Gateway.


    As a first user with CSP Super User permissions to access the Cortex Gateway, you are automatically granted XSOAR Account Admin permissions to the Cortex Gateway. With these permissions, you can activate Cortex XSOAR tenants.

  2. In the Available for Activation section, locate the tenant you want to activate according to the serial number and Activate to launch the Tenant Activation wizard.


    Once activated, the tenant is associated with the account and cannot be moved.

  3. Define the following tenant details:

    • Tenant Name: Give the Cortex XSOAR tenant an easily-recognizable name.

      Choose a name that is 59 or fewer characters and is unique across your company account.

    • Region: Select the region in which you want to set up the Cortex XSOAR tenant.

    • Tenant Subdomain: Give your Cortex XSOAR instance an easy to recognize name that is used to access the tenant directly using the full URL.



      Note this is a public FQDN, so be careful with sensitive information such as the company name.

    • Review and agree to the terms and conditions of the Privacy policy, Term of Use, EULA.

  4. Activate your tenant.

    Activation can take up to an hour. You should receive a notification by email that the tenant has completed the activation process.

  5. Select Back to main gateway and in the Available Tenant section, search for your tenant name. Hover over a tenant to display the Tenant Status and License Details. When the tenant displays an Active status, select the tenant name to confirm you can successfully access the Cortex XSOAR tenant.


    • The first tenant created is labeled as the Main Account in the Cortex Gateway. Child tenants are not labeled.

    • You can change your tenant subdomain from to at any time, if you have Account Admin or Instance Admin permissions. To change your tenant subdomain name, contact Customer Support.