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Cortex XSOAR Multi-Tenant Guide

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Multi-Tenant Guide

Create child tenants in the Cortex Gateway.

After you have set up the main tenant, you can set up child tenants in the Cortex Gateway. You can create as many child tenants as you require, according to your license.


  • The main account is labeled in the Cortex Gateway, but child tenants are not labeled.

  • All child tenants are in the same region as the main tenant.

In the Cortex Gateway, you can view all the available tenants. If you want to create more child tenants than your license permits, contact Customer Support.

  1. Go to the Cortex Gateway.

  2. Hover over the main tenant you created when activating the Main Tenant and click Add Child Tenant.


    To create a child tenant, ensure that you have Account Admin permissions.

  3. Add the following details.

    • Child Tenant Name: Give the Cortex XSOAR tenant an easily-recognizable name.

      Choose a name that is 59 or fewer characters and is unique across your company account.

    • Region: You can view the region for the child tenant. This cannot be changed.

    • Child Tenant Subdomain: Give your Cortex XSOAR instance an easy to recognize name that is used to access the tenant directly using the full URL.



      Note this is a public FQDN, so be careful with sensitive information such as the company name.

    • Incident Retention Licenses:

      If you have incident retention licenses available, assign one or more incident retention licenses to the child tenant. See Allocate Retention Licenses for more information.

      Click the box to verify you understand that licenses cannot be removed or reallocated without contacting Customer Support.

  4. Activate the child tenant and confirm approval.

    Activation can take up to an hour. You should receive notification by email that the child tenant has completed the activation process.

  5. (Optional) Add another child tenant by repeating step 2 or access your newly created tenant.

    In the Cortex Gateway, under your main tenant you can see the total number of tenants you are licensed for and how many you have created,


    If you reach your limit for child tenants, depending on your license, you may be able to create more tenants. You may be charged for additional tenants. Please contact Customer Support if you are approaching your authorized limit.