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Compliance Dashboards and Reports

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Learn how Cortex products provide compliance solutions that address common regulations affecting cybersecurity and data professionals.

Regulatory compliance is confusing and not straightforward. Beyond protecting corporate environments every day, incident responders are required to maintain controls imposed by regulators. Whether organizations are in healthcare, finance, energy, or technology many regulations are starting to include verbiage regarding the overlap between compliance and cybersecurity. Organizations that are already strapped for resources are expected to undergo audits regularly to review these controls and to prove to auditors that they are meeting these standards.

The compliance content pack in Cortex XSIAM was developed to help these organizations throughout these audit procedures. With the compliance content pack organizations can easily query and display data that has been ingested into Cortex XSIAM. The content pack is composed of dashboards and reports that are based on custom XQL queries developed by our compliance experts. Widgets were developed to query data that is commonly asked for during audits such as access controls, policy/config management, system management, threat protection, incident response, and much more.

These XQL queries display the output via visualizations in the dashboards and reports which organizations can easily export and provide as evidence during their audits. To get started take a look at one of the many compliance packs Cortex XSIAM offers and make sure that ingested data is mapped to the supported data sources (for eg., XDM). Once data is properly mapped simply install the content pack from the marketplace and go over to the Dashboards and Reports tab to view the newly installed content.

Once installed, the compliance dashboards and reports can now query ingested data in real-time allowing organizations to passively monitor compliance controls everyday. Use this data to provide updates to auditors asking for evidence of how specific compliance controls are met and to ensure a smooth audit each and every year.