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Cortex Gateway Admin Guide

Define a new role in one of the Cortex products - Cortex XDR/XSIAM, Cortex XSOAR or Cortex XPANSE and choose the category permission level.

The roles you create provide more granular access control. You can add as many new roles as you need and combine them with other roles. You can set permission levels for viewing pages, limit potential actions, limit job actions, and more.


To create, edit or delete a role, you need to have administration (Instance/Account admin) permissions. You cannot change the Instance Administrator permission role.

  1. Click Permission Management from the Cortex Gateway.

  2. From the Roles page, click +New Role.

  3. In the Create role page, select the product to which the role applies.

  4. Add the Role name and a meaningful Description.

  5. In the Components tab, select the permissions for each of the components.

  6. Save the role.