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Cortex Gateway Administrator Guide

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Cortex Gateway Admin Guide

Steps on how to update the user's role and associated tenants.

In the Permissions page, you can update the role of the user, which includes changing the role of the user and adding or removing associated tenants.

To update user permissions:

  1. Click Permission Management from the Cortex Gateway.

  2. In the Permissions page, select VIEW BY Users.

  3. Select a user, right-click or click the pencil icon and select Update Permissions. If the user is not assigned to a role, select Add Permissions.

  4. In the Update user role or Add user role page, select Apply "Account Admin" role to grant the user full permissions to all tenants and products. If selected, Save the update.

  5. (Continue if Apply "Account Admin" role wasn't selected) Select the relevant product.


    If you change the product, the settings of the current product won't be saved.

  6. Select the Role from the list to assign to the user.

  7. Select or remove associated tenants from the Available Tenants list.

  8. If you're adding a user role, in the Components tab, set the permission levels for each of the relevant components.

  9. Save the update.