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Administrator Guide

  1. Create the iOS App installation package using the Cortex XDR console, and then extract the app link and Distribution ID.

  2. In the iOS JAMF MDM, create a mobile device app for Cortex XDR.

    1. From Device Mobile Device Apps select New, then click Next

    2. Choose App Type App Store app or apps purchased in volume

    3. For Search and Upload, select Enter Manually

    4. Set a display name, such as, Cortex XDR 7.9.0

    5. Set the short version that you see in the app store.

    6. Set the bundle identifier "com.paloaltonetworks.cortex.ios"

    7. Set the app as Free.

    8. If available, set the distribution method to Install Automatically.

    9. If available, set Automatically Force App Updates if you intend to always keep the app up to date.

    10. If available, set Convert Unmanaged App to Managed.

    11. If available, set Allow Users to Remove The App to False.

    12. Set the App URL to the App link that was received in the installation package, in Step 1.

  3. Create the managed app configuration:

    1. Download our app configuration spec file Download:

      • App Config Spec File Name: iOSCortexXDR_AppConfigSpec_V1.xml

      • SHA-256: 8f0001398937f0b0ad6eeb72cfd022641557c112bb87e4c466fbffdc2b96c612

    2. Use the AppConfig Generator to generate a mobile device app. The AppConfig Generator is a third party tool that assists in the generation of configuration Plist for a mobile app on a device enrolled in an MDM solution.

      1. Go to

      2. Select Browse and upload the App Config Spec File.

      3. Select Configure, and follow the instructions to fill in the required fields. Submit.

      4. Select Copy Dictionary and paste the generated dictionary in the app configuration tab of newly created mobile app.

      5. Paste the dictionary in the App Configuration tab of the newly created mobile device app.

  4. Select the scope of app:

    • Add the devices that will receive the app.

    • Save the app settings and wait for the app to be delivered to the managed devices.

These images are given for example only, they may differ from the application you are using.