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Administrator Guide

The Cortex XDR administrator prepares the installation package from Cortex XDR, and then sends a link with installation instructions to the endpoint iOS device user.

  1. Create the agent installation package.

    1. From Cortex XDR, select EndpointsAgent Installations.

    2. Create a new installation package.

    3. Enter a unique Name and an optional Description to identify the installation package.

      The package Name must be no more than 100 characters and can contain letters, numbers, hyphens, underscores, commas, and spaces.

    4. For Package Type, select Standalone Installers.

    5. For Platform, select iOS, and optionally, add a Description.

    6. Create the package.

    Cortex XDR prepares the installation package and makes it available on the Agent Installations page.

  2. Prepare the information for the endpoint user.

    1. Prepare an email or text message for the endpoint user.

    2. From EndpointsAgent Installations, when the status of the package shows Completed, right-click, and click View Installation Links.

    3. Copy the link and registration code and paste it in the email message.

      For example:

      App Store download link:

      Activation link:

      Registration code:


  3. Copy the following instructions to the email message, and send the email to the endpoint user.

    1. From your iOS device, open the download link for the Cortex XDR Agent app.


      This link accesses the Cortex XDR Agent app in the App Store.

    2. Install the Cortex XDR app.

    3. Enter the Distribution ID if it has not been prefilled, and enter your username.

    4. Select Register Agent to continue.

    5. Follow the Onboarding Wizard to confirm permissions and enabling extensions as described in the following steps.

    6. From Settings, select PhoneCall Blocking & Identification.

    7. Enable Cortex XDR.

    8. Return to the Phone options, and select SMS/Call Reporting.

    9. Select Cortex XDR, and then Enable it.

    10. Return to Settings, and select MessagesUnknown & Spam.

    11. For Message Filtering, enable Filter Unknown Senders.

    12. For SMS Filtering, select Cortex XDR, and then Enable it.


    Manual startup of the Cortex XDR Agent app is required after every restart of the iOS device.