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Administrator Guide

The following lists common errors and issues when using SAML 2.0 authentication.

  • Errors at your IdP could mean the Service Provider Entity ID and/or Service Identifier are not properly configured in the IdP or in the Cortex XDR settings.

  • SAML attributes from the IdP are not properly mapped in Cortex XDR. The attributes are case sensitive and must exactly match in your IdP and in the Cortex XDR IdP Attributes Mapping.

  • Group memberships from the IdP have not been properly mapped to Cortex XDR user groups. Verify the values your identity provider is sending, in order to properly map the groups in Cortex XDR.

  • The identity provider is not configured to sign both the SAML response and the assertion on the login token. Your IdP must be configured to sign both to ensure a secure login.

  • If you require further troubleshooting, we recommend using your browser's built-in developer tools or additional browser plugins to capture the login request and SAML token.