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Cortex Xpanse Release Notes

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The following table describes new features in the Cortex Xpanse January 2022 releases.



Increase resolution of scan timestamps to the nearest minute

This update enables Xpanse to provide more precise detail about the latest time an Issue was scanned.

Updates to CMMC Compliance Assessment mappings

CMMC compliance mappings have been updated, including adding CMMC L1-L3 as an optional framework in addition to CMMC L1-L5 on the Compliance Assessments Dashboard.

Support for searching on policy description

On the Policies page, support has been added for searching on policy description field.

ASM for Remote Workers enhancements

  • A toggle was added to the map view in the Remote Attack Surface dashboard to allow for viewing Networks and Devices.

  • In the Peer Remote Devices table, each row now clicks through to the Device details page and each IP address clicks through to the IP address details page.

  • The Workforce Device table columns have been updated. The Business Unit, Internal IP, and OS are being removed and new columns for source and network Location have been added.

  • A trend count and indicator was added to the Total Workforce Networks dashboard widget.

New issue policies

  • Cisco Unified IP Phones

  • VMWare Horizon

  • Insecure Apache policy updated to include all versions below 2.4.52

  • Palo Alto Networks Bridgecrew

  • Citrix XenDesktop

  • Citrix ShareFile Server

  • Cisco IOS

  • Apache Hadoop Yarn Resource Manager

  • GitBucket

  • Schneider Electric EcoStruxure IT Gateway

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  • VMWare RabbitMQ Management Plugin

  • Cisco Email Security Appliance (ESA)

  • MikroTik Router—identifies MikroTik Routers and administration portals (RouterOS).

  • Insecure MikroTik Router—identifies insecure versions of MikroTik RouterOS through 6.42.

  • H2 Database Console

  • OctoberCMS—an open-source Content Management System