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In Expander, you can add notes to individual assets as a way to provide additional context about the asset. Notes can be added to all asset types except services and websites, and are limited to 1024 characters. Notes are displayed as a field in the Inventory, so you can filter and sort on them. Notes are also displayed on the Assets tab of incidents. You can add or edit Notes on the asset details pane or on the Assets tab of an incident.

Add a Note to an Asset in an Incident

When you add a note to an asset in an incident, the note will apply to that specific asset. The note will not automatically be applied to other assets associated with the same incident.

  1. Navigate to Incident ResponseIncidents.

  2. Click on an incident in the incident list on the left.

    The incident details open in the right pane.

  3. Select the Assets tab in the incident details.

    Each asset associated with the incident is listed in the Asset Attribution Evidence section.

  4. Type your note in the Notes text box for the appropriate asset. Click outside the text box to save the note.

Add a Note to an Asset in the Inventory
  1. Navigate to Inventory, and select All Assets or a specific asset page.

  2. Click on an asset in the list to open the asset details panel.

  3. Type your note in the Notes text box in the asset details panel. Click outside the text box to save the note.

Update an Existing Asset Note

Click the edit icon pencil-icon.png next to Notes to edit an existing note.