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View detailed information about each certificate in your inventory.

The Certificates tab in the Inventory displays all certificates that Cortex Xpanse has attributed to your organization and whether Cortex Xpanse has seen each certificate advertised recently. The Certificates list view also indicates whether the advertisement is associated with an active service. If you have integrated cloud accounts, this tab will show you which certificates have associated managed cloud resources.

Cortex Xpanse tracks the following information for each certificate:

  • Issuer, Issuer Country, Issuer Organization, Issuer State

  • Public key, Public Key Algorithm

  • Subject, Subject Alternative Names, Subject Organization, Subject Country, Subject State

  • Serial Number

  • Valid Not Before, Valid Not After

  • Version

  • Common Name

Additionally, Cortex Xpanse automatically tracks the following “cryptographic health” checks for certificates:

  • Is Self-Signed?

  • Is Wildcard?

  • Is Domain Control Validated?

  • Expired When Scanned?

  • Public Key Bits

  • Signature Algorithm

These health checks are referred to in Expander as Certificate Classifications.

Navigate to Asset InventoryCertificates to view the complete list of certificates discovered by Cortex Xpanse. Certificates are also included in All Assets list view.

Click on a row in the Certificates or All Assets list view to display the certificate details in details pane on the right.

The table below describes the fields unique to the Certificates list view. The other fields are described in the Unified Inventory section.



Certificate Algorithm

Description of the cryptographic algorithms used for creating key pairs and performing digital signature operations for this certificate. Examples can include SHA1, SHA256, or SHA384 with either RSA or ECDSA.

Certificate Classification

A set of cryptographic health checks that Cortex Xpanse performs for each certificate.

Date Added

Date the asset was added to the inventory.

Formatted Issuer Name

Represents an easier-to-read formatted version of the `Issuer name`. This is the organization that issued the certificate on behalf of your organization. In cases where the certificate is self-signed, the issuer will often be listed as unknown.