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To reduce the number of results, you can filter by any heading and value. When you apply a filter, Cortex Xpanse displays the filter criteria above the results table. You can also filter individual columns for specific values using the icon to the right of the column heading.

Some fields also support additional operators such as =, !=, Contains, not Contains, *, !*.

There are three ways you can filter results:

  • By column using the filter next to a field heading

  • By building a filter query for one or more fields using the filter builder

  • By pivoting from the contents of a cell (show or hide rows containing)

Filters are persistent. When you navigate away from the page and return, any filter you added remains active.

To build a filter using one or more fields:

  1. From a Cortex Xpanse page, select filter (filter-icon.png).

    Cortex Xpanse adds the filter criteria above the top of the table.

  2. For each field you want to filter:

    1. Select or search the field.

    2. Select the operator by which to match the criteria.

      In most cases, this will be = to include results that match the value you specify, or != to exclude results that match the value.

    3. Enter a value to complete the filter criteria.


      CMD fields have a 128-character limit. Shorten longer query strings to 127 characters and add an asterisk (*).

      Alternatively, you can select Include empty values to create a filter that excludes or includes results when the field has empty values.

  3. To add additional filters, click +AND (within the filter brackets) to display results that must match all specified criteria, or +OR to display results that match any of the criteria.

  4. Click out of the filter area into the results table to see the results.