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Cortex Xpanse provides a comprehensive set of predefined dashboards, as well as the ability to create custom dashboards.

The Cortex Xpanse dashboard consists of visualized data powered by fully customizable dashboard widgets, enabling you to analyze data in different formats such as graphs, pie charts, or text. Cortex Xpanse provides a comprehensive set of predefined dashboards, as well as the ability to create your own custom dashboards.

For many dashboards and individual widgets, you can filter the data by date. For incident-related widgets, you can click the star icon in the upper right corner of the widget to make the widget display data for starred incidents only. A purple star icon indicates that the widget is displaying starred incident data only. To star an incident or a set of incidents, see Incident Starring.

The Dashboards menu in the left navigation includes the options described in the table below.

Dashboards Menu Option



Dashboard displaying an overview of key attack surface management data that managers and analysts can use as a quick reference, including open incident trends, external service trends, asset inventory distributions, and new inferred potential CVEs.

Attack Surface Management

Dashboard displaying an overview of assets that are exposed to the internet and a breakdown of incidents related to attack surface exposure.

Attack Surface Compliance Violations

Displays potential violation information for NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, CMMC L1-L3, and CMMD L1-L5 compliance frameworks.

Incident Management

Dashboard providing a graphical summary of incidents in your environment, with incidents prioritized and listed by severity, assignee, incident age, and affected assets.

Unmanaged Cloud


Displays an overview of the security of your public-facing websites and web resources, including your website security misconfigurations and best practice failures, insecure websites, and more.

Security Rating

My Dashboards

Displays the custom dashboards you created.

Dashboards Manager

From the Dashboards Manager, you can view all predefined and custom dashboards, delete, edit, disable dashboards, create new dashboards, and perform other dashboard management actions.

Widget Library

From the Widget Library, you can view all predefined and custom widgets, delete, edit, and create new widgets.

Set the Default Dashboard

The default dashboard is the dashboard that displays when you log into Cortex Xpanse and when you click the Cortex Xpanse logo at the top of the main menu. Out of the box, the default dashboard is the Incident Management Dashboard. You can change the default dashboard to any predefined or custom dashboard you choose.

  1. Navigate to the dashboard that you want to make the new default.

  2. Click the options icon incident-ellipsis.png in the upper right corner of the dashboard and select Mark as Default.