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Create a new IPv4 address range and modify the business unit assignment.

You can modify the business unit (BU) assignments for system-defined owned IPv4 ranges and other assets in Expander. You can also create user-defined IPv4 ranges to reassign to different BUs.

Changes to BU assignments may take up to an hour to appear in alerts and incidents.

  1. Navigate to InventoryOwned IPv4 Ranges.

  2. Click the Reassign Range button at the top right side of the page.

  3. In the Edit Asset Business Unit Tags dialog, select one of the following options and enter the IP addresses as appropriate:

    • Edit Business Units for a subset IP Range—modifies the BUs for a user-defined IP range that you define.

      Enter the Starting IP Address and Ending IP Address to define the new range. You can also define the range in CIDR format. Click Next.

    • Edit Business Units for a single IP address—modifies the BU for a single IP address.

      Enter the IP address. Click Next.

  4. Add or remove BUs by selecting or deselecting them in the list.

  5. Add a comment in the Change Reason box explaining why the change was made, then click Next.

  6. Select how you want to handle conflicts with previously-defined ranges by choosing to Keep previously-applied business units or Replace all previously-applied business units. If you choose to replace, confirm your choice by entering REPLACE in the dialog box.

    This step applies only if there are conflicts with previous-defined ranges with different BU assignments.

  7. Review the final list of business units to be assigned to the new range. Also review the specific impacts this change will have on scope-based user access. Click Apply.

    Note that the change may impact user access to incidents, alerts, and services in addition to the asset.

Delete a user-defined IPv4 range

You can delete user-defined IPv4 ranges.

When you delete a user-defined IPv4 range, the IP addresses revert back to the Cortex Xpanse-defined parent ranges that they were originally part of. Any business units, tags, or notes that were added to the user-defined IPv4 range are removed, and the business units, tags, and notes from the parent range are applied.

Perform the following steps to delete a user-defined IPv4 range:

  1. Navigate to InventoryIPv4 Ranges.

  2. Click on the user-defined range to be deleted. The details panel will open on the right side of the page.

  3. Click the delete icon delete.png at the top right side of the details panel.

  4. In the Delete IP Range Reassignment dialog box, verify that you are deleting the correct range. Click Delete Range Reassignment.