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Perform these steps to create a new Asset Tag or IP Range Tag and, optionally, to associate that tag with specific users and user groups to restrict access using SBAC. Refer to Manage User Scope for more information about how SBAC works.

  1. Navigate to the appropriate asset list view page under Inventory.

  2. Select one or more rows in the list.

    On the Unified Inventory page, you can add tags to only one asset at a time. On the asset-specific pages (Domains, Certificates, Owned IPv4 Ranges, etc), you can add tags to multiple assets at once.

  3. Right click and select Assign Asset Tags or Assign IP Range Tags, as appropriate.

  4. In the Add tag... field, enter the name of the new tag and click Create Tag.

    Asset tags are case sensitive and support special characters.

  5. Optionally, check Add selected tags to Users or Groups and select the appropriate users and user groups to use the new tag to restrict or permit access.

  6. Click Save.