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Access a comprehensive inventory of all the assets Cortex Xpanse has attributed to your organization.

Asset identification is foundational for information security. In the Inventory, Cortex Xpanse provides a comprehensive inventory of all the discoverable assets for your organization. The Inventory is organized into a tab for Unified Inventory and a tab for each asset types.

Each tab in the Inventory presents a table view of the relevant assets with key information about each asset. Asset table views support extensive search, filtering, and sorting capabilities, enabling you to more efficiently identify, prioritize, and remediate security issues.

View additional details about any asset by clicking on the row for that asset in list view. The asset details will open in a separate pane to the right of the list view.

Perform specific actions on assets (such as adding or removing asset tags) by right-clicking on the asset in the list view and selecting from the available options.

Add or remove assets

To add or remove assets from your asset map, contact your Customer Success representative. Customer Success can assist with the addition of provided domains, certificates, IPv4 ranges, and IPv6 addresses. If you request to remove an asset (because of a false positive for example), that asset will no longer show up in Expander.

Monitor assets for acquisitions

Xpanse can generally include acquisition assets. Work with your Customer Success team to explore this option.