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Overview of Cortex Xpanse reports and how to create, edit, and download them.

Cortex Xpanse provides predefined executive reporting and industry benchmark reporting, as well as the ability to create custom reports. In addition to the predefined and custom reports and dashboards in Expander, you can use the API to pull any of the data that appears in dashboards and reports to create your own reports in other tools. This data is updated daily.

In Cortex Xpanse Expander, reports are collections of widgets, which display data in different formats such as graphs, pie charts, or text.

After generating a report, it appears in the Reports+Reports tab, so you can use the report again.

Cortex Xpanse supports the following reporting options:

  • Run a report.

  • Create a new, custom report.

    When creating a report, what you see is what you get. You can add widgets to a report, change the format, paper size, insert page breaks (by adding the Page Break widget), etc. If you have a table widget that contains many rows, you can select the number of rows on each page or print the whole table (in the table widget, right click and select Force Print full Chart).

  • Create a report from a dashboard.

    You can create a report from the dashboard as is, or add new widgets as required. You have the same functionality as custom reports, such as format, when to run, orientation, etc. To create a report from the dashboard, click Create report.

  • Schedule a report.

    You can schedule a report to run specific times, or run the report immediately. You can also send to specific recipients, and restrict the report according to roles.

  • Edit a report template.

If reports do not download after you click Run, add your Expander URL to your browser's pop up blocker exceptions.