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Transition disaster recovery states between active and standby using the configuration file when the server is new and starts for the first time.

It is possible to transition a server between active and standby states via the /etc/demisto.conf configuration file, when the server is new and starts for the first time. It cannot be used at any other time.

You need to set the server.dr.enabled configuration property to true or false. If set to true, the server is in DR mode when it starts. If set to false, the server is in active mode when it starts.



If the DR state of the server is ever transitioned through Cortex XSOAR, the setting is stored in the Cortex XSOAR database rather than in the demisto.conf file. The database config setting for dr.enabled always takes precedence over demisto.conf, and changing the server.dr.enabled setting in the demistor.conf file has no effect.

In a real disaster recovery scenario, one in which the original production server is unrecoverable, you need to convert the backup server to the new production server and then configure a new backup server.