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Asset identification is foundational for information security. In fact, the first item on both the CIS Controls and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NCSF) is asset identification. Cortex Xpanse provides a comprehensive inventory of all discoverable assets for your organization in addition to list views organized by asset type (such as IP Ranges, Domains, Certificates). The Inventory and asset list views display key information about each asset, such asset type, number of services and issues associated with the asset, issue priority, and other important information. Cortex Xpanse provides extensive search, filtering, and sorting capabilities on asset list views, enabling you to more efficiently identify, prioritize, and remediate security issues. Additionally, you can view the details about any asset by clicking on the row for that asset in the Inventory or asset list view.

The following topics explain the asset identification capabilities in Cortex Xpanse: