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The various sections of the Domains detail view.

The Domains detail view contains the following information:

  • Copy Link—At the top of the certificate detail page is a Copy Link button. Click on this button to copy the address of this certificate detail page to your clipboard.

  • Domain

  • Provider(s)—Cloud provider name or “Other”.

  • Business Unit(s)

  • First Observed

  • Last Observed

  • Resolves (Last 30 Days) Yes/No

  • Are Subdomains Collapsed Yes/No—Yes means that Cortex Xpanse saw over 1000 subdomains of the PLD. Expander automatically collapses the domains to streamline the detail view. No means that Expander shows all the subdomains that Cortex Xpanse has seen for the PLD.

  • Related Services—The number of services found on this domain. Click the number to display the list of related services along with information about those services.

  • Related Issues—The number of issues found on this domain. Click the number to display the list of related issues along with information about those issues.

  • Ownership Summary—Business units associated with the domain.

  • Cortex Xpanse provides domain registration information from WHOIS, including the following:

    • Registration

    • Registrant

    • Admin

  • Observed IP Addresses

  • Annotations—View or update the Tags, Notes, or Contacts associated with the IP range.