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You can run new assessments as needed from the Cortex Xpanse Assess application.

As long as you have a balance of one or more assessments, you can run a new assessment directly from the Cortex Xpanse web application. From the time you initiate the new assessment, it typically takes up to 24 hours for the new data to appear.


While an assessment is in progress, the Run New Assessment button will be grayed out and disabled to prevent duplicate requests. Once the assessment has completed, the button will be enabled again.

Because each assessment includes data from a 7-day period, we recommend allowing a gap of at least a week between assessments.

  1. In the Cortex Xpanse Assess application, confirm that you have an unused assessment available by checking your assessment balance. Your assessment balance is displayed on the Assessment bar at the top of the page.

    In the figure below, 4/4 Remaining means that you purchased four assessments and you still have four left.


    If you would like to purchase additional assessments, contact your Account Team.

  2. Click Run New Assessment.

    A Run New Assessment dialog box will appear.

  3. Enter the reason for running the assessment in the text box, and then click Run Assessment.

    The reason will appear in the Assessment Activity log, so you and other users in your organization will have a record of why that assessment was run.

    A pop-up message will appear indicating that the assessment was successfully started.

The new assessment data will appear in Cortex Xpanse Assess within 24 hours. You will know the data has been updated when the Viewing Assessment For date range has updated and the assessment appears in the Assessment Activity log with the status Completed. The data from your old assessments will continue to be available in the application so you can track trends and remediation progress.