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Learn more about activating a broker VM with a NetflFlow Collector applet.

To receive NetFlow flow records from an external source, you must first set up the NetFlow Collector applet on a Broker VM within your network. NetFlow versions 5, 9, and IPFIX are supported.

To increase the log ingestion rate, you can add additional CPUs to the Broker VM. The NetFlow Collector listens for flow records on specific ports either from any, or from specific IP addresses.

After the NetFlow Collector is activated, the NetFlow Exporter sends flow records to the NetFlow Collector, which receives, stores, and pre-processes that data for later analysis.

  1. Select SettingsConfigurationsData BrokerBroker VMs.

  2. In either the Brokers tab or the Clusters tab, locate your Broker VM.

  3. You can either right-click the Broker VM and select Add AppNetFlow Collector, or in the APPS column, left-click AddNetFlow Collector.

  4. Click +Add New.

  5. Configure your NetFlow Collector.

  6. (Optional) Make additional changes to the NetFlow Collector data sources.

    • You can make additional changes to the Port by right-clicking the applicable UDP port and selecting the following.

    • You can make additional changes to the Source Network by right-clicking on the Source Network value.


      The options available change, according to the set Source Network value.

    • To prioritize the order of the NetFlow formats listed for the configured data source, drag and drop the rows to change their order.

  7. Activate the NetFlow collector applet.

    After successful activation, the APPS field displays NetFlow with a green dot indicating a successful connection.

  8. (Optional) To view NetFlow Collector metrics, left-click the NetFlow connection in the APPS field for your Broker VM.

    Cortex XSIAM displays the following information:

  9. Manage the NetFlow Collector.

    After you activate the NetFlow Collector, you can make additional changes. To modify a configuration, left-click the NetFlow connection in the APPS column to display the NetFlow Collector settings, and select:

    • Configure to redefine the NetFlow Collector configurations.

    • Deactivate to disable the NetFlow Collector.

    You can also Ingest NetFlow Flow Records as Datasets.