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Query your datasets for free-text strings with the Free text search template.

You can use the Free text template to query your datasets for free-text strings without building a Cortex Query Language (XQL) query. The template queries all of the datasets that are stored in your tenant and returns up to 1,000 results.


Free-text search is also available in XQL queries. You can use the search stage to query free-text strings in specific datasets, or all of the datasets in your tenant.

How to run a free text query
  1. Select Incident ResponseInvestigationQuery Builder.

  2. Under General Search, select Free text.

  3. In the Text Contains field, type one or more strings. Separate multiple strings with pipes, which applies the OR operator.

  4. Click TIME and select a time frame for the query.


    Free text search is limited to the last 90 days of data. Specifying a time frame outside of this limitation will cause the query to fail.

  5. Click Run to start the query, or click Schedule to run the query at a specific time.

    Free text search searches the relevant columns in each dataset. Relevant columns are subject to a change and can vary between datasets.

    You can also click Continue in XQL to translate the query with the fields that you specified into XQL. In XQL you have the flexibility to add additional stages and functions that are not available in the Query Builder templates.

  6. Review the results.

    The searched string is highlighted in the results.

    In the Fields column, you can see all of the fields in which the string was discovered. Fields are listed in the following order: (1) _time, (2) _dataset, and (3) the fields in which the string was discovered, ordered by highest to lowest number of hits.

    In the RAW_DATA column, click Show more to see the specific row in the dataset in which the string was discovered.

What to do next
  • To edit or rerun the query, click Back to edit to review the template in the Query Builder, or Continue in XQL to review the XQL.

  • Practice running queries with Query Builder template examples.