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After you download your Cortex XDR Broker VM QCOW2 image, you need to upload it to a kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM). The instructions below provide an example of doing this using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

To create a Broker VM image for a KVM using Ubuntu:

  1. Open your kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) on Ubuntu.

  2. Click the New VM icon (ubuntu-kvm-new-vm-icon.png) to open the Create a new virtual machine wizard.

  3. In the Step 1 screen of the wizard, select Import existing disk image, and click Forward.

  4. Define the Step 2 screen of the wizard.

    • Provide the existing storage path

      1. Browse to the downloaded QCOW2 image file.

      2. Click Browse Local, select the QCOW2 image file that you downloaded, and click Open.

    • OS type—Leave the Generic option selected.

    • Version—Leave the Generic option selected.

  5. Click Forward.

  6. Define the Step 3 screen of the wizard.

    • Memory (RAM)—Specify 4096 (4GB)

      of memory.

    • CPUs—Specify 2 CPUs.

  7. Click Forward.

  8. In the Step 4 screen of the wizard, set a Name for your new VM.

  9. Click Finish.

    You new VM is now listed and available to use.