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Verify collector connectivity and troubleshoot collector errors.

You can verify the connectivity status of a collector instance on the Collection Integrations page. Instances are grouped by integration, and a status icon shows a summary of instance statuses for each integration. Expand the integration section to see the status of each individual instance, and hover over the status icons to see details about warning or error statuses.

Troubleshooting collector errors
Where can I see if I have a connectivity error on a collector instance?

On the Collection Integrations page, instances in error status display an error icon. Hover over the error icon next to the instance name to see the error message as received from the API.

Where can I trace the connectivity changes of a collector instance?

Each status change of an instance is logged in the collection_auditing dataset. Querying this dataset can help you see all the connectivity changes of an instance over time, the escalation or recovery of the connectivity status, and the error, warning, and informational messages related to status changes.

This example searches for errors on Strata IOT integrations:

dataset = collection_auditing 
|filter classification = "Error" and collector_type = "STRATA_IOT"
How can I set up collection alerts for collector errors?

You can create correlation rules that are based on the fields in the collection_auditing dataset.