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Administrator Guide

After you configure the Broker VMs, you can manage your Broker VMs from the Cortex XDR management console in the Broker VMs page.

When managing a Broker VM, the options differ for a standalone Broker VM versus a Broker VM node that is added to a high availability (HA) cluster. Certain configuration options that are only relevant for a Broker VM cluster node, such as Remove from Cluster, are only displayed when the Broker VM is a cluster peer.


Cortex XDR updates and enhances the Broker VM automatically through maintenance releases. The Broker VM version release process uses several security measures and tools to ensure that every released version is highly secure. These include the following.

  • CIS Server Level 1 and 2 benchmarks (using a 3rd party product)

  • Vulnerability scanning for containers running on the Broker VM

  • Vulnerability scanning for the host kernel

  • Periodic 3rd party penetration testing