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Learn how to easily identify and resolve parsing errors.


Parsing Rules requires a Cortex XDR Pro per GB license and a user with Cortex Account Administrator or Instance Administrator permissions.

To help you easily identify and resolve parsing errors in Cortex XDR, all parsing errors are saved to a separate dataset called parsing_rules_errors. This dataset displays important information about each error, including the RAW_LOG, log metadata, Parsing Rule metadata, and error description, which you need to effectively troubleshoot the problem. In addition, a Parsing Rules Error notification is sent to the Notification Center whenever a new parsing error is added to the dataset.

Types of Parsing Errors

There are different types of parsing errors.

  • Compilation Errors: Unable to compile a rule for different reasons including invalid function parameters, such as invalid regex.

  • Data Format Errors: A mismatch between the expected data type, such as CEF, LEEF, or JSON with the actual data, such as TEXT or CSV.

  • Runtime Errors: Unable to apply a rule to the data, such as an attempt to add a String to a Number.

Parsing Errors Dataset

All parsing errors and Cortex Data Model (XDM) errors are saved to a dataset called parsing_rules_errors. The following table describes the fields that are available when running a query in XQL Search for the parsing_rules_errors dataset in alphabetical order.


Some errors can only be found after the applicable logs are collected in Cortex XDR.