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From the legacy Summary page, you can select and customize sections to export as a report and save the report as a template. You cannot edit the template after it is created.

  1. To provide access to the legacy Summary page:

    1. Go to SettingsAboutTroubleshooting.

    2. In the Server Configuration section, click Add Server Configuration.

    3. Enter the following key and value.





  2. Go to the Incidents page and select the incident for which you want to create a report.

  3. Click the Summary tab and select ActionsReport.

  4. From the Build Report tab of the Choose report page, select the following:

    • Format

    • Orientation - It is recommended to use the landscape orientation to ensure that all information displays in the report.

    • Paper Size

  5. Select the Summary page sections to include in the report. Click Edit to customize available sections.

  6. To use these settings as a template, click the Save report as template check box and type the name of the template.

  7. To generate the report, click Generate report or use the following in a Playbook or as a CLI command.

    !GenerateSummaryReports name="<template name>" type="<report type>" ids="<Incident ID>