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Create user groups that contain multiple users or nested groups. View details of all users groups.

In the User Groups page, you can create a new user group for a number of different system users or groups. You can see the details of all user groups, the roles, nested groups, IDP groups (SAML) and when the group was created/updated, etc.

You can also pivot (right-click) from rows and specific values in the table, where you can copy, edit, remove groups, copy text, etc.

  1. Go to Settings & InfoSettingsAccess ManagementUser Groups.

  2. To create a new user group for a number of different system users or groups, click New Group, and add following parameters:




    Name of the user group.


    Description of the user group.


    Select the group role associated with this user group. You can only have a single role designated per group


    Select the users you want to belong to this user group.

    Nested Groups

    Lists any nested groups associated with this user group. If you have an existing group you can add a nested group.

    The nested group overrides any settings you select in the Role section. If you add a nested group, the group has both the nested role permissions and its own permissions.

    For example, if when editing User Group A, in the Nested Groups section, you add Group B, Group A has the permissions of both Group A and Group B.

    SAML Group Mapping

    When SSO is enabled you can see your organization's Identity Provider (IdP groups), which are automatically mapped to the user group.


    When using Azure AD for SSO, the SAML group mapping needs to be provided using the group object ID (GUID) and not the group name.

  3. Create the new custom group.